Transeptia Construction

Interior & Architect’s approach is unique: It continuously challenges itself to redefine the experience of space with a philosophical approach to design – rooted in inspiration – and honoring the context of a project’s location. From advice to design, including site monitoring, the choice of layouts and materials, Transeptia Construction, Interior & Architect supports you throughout your project. Our team of experts is attentive and meets your needs. We adapt to each request, to carry out your projects, while optimizing your budget, controlling costs and deadlines. The creative process at Transeptia Construction, Interior & Architect begins hand-in-hand with the client by conceptualizing a logical series of solutions that work together naturally. The resulting work encourages the viewer to discover a surprising series of spaces that are not only aesthetically inimitable, but also creates an emotional connection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create reward experience and value that combine functionality with high quality and innovation for our customers. We want every partner and client experience to be the talk of a life time. Also, to define the most sophisticated and superior standard of quality in every construction, exterior and interior designs.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a reputable, sustainable, and desirable firm of the global market place providing the state-of-the-art innovative designs and superior quality finishing. We will continue to leverage on our many years of professional experience to consistently deliver exclusive design services that bring a complete satisfaction of our partners and client’s requirements. This vision has been the core of our history and cultural value of design which is still the master key for our prospects.

We strongly believe we are the perfect company to execute your project

We have a great track record specialized in custom work, and we are very motivated to execute your project. Transeptia offers you

Certified Project Management

The highest certification in this field and renowned internationally is the PMP (Project Management Professional) distributed by the PMI (Project Management Institute). 90% of project failures are with lack of communication and management. We offer our clients professional management, facile to follow, and understand so you can fixate on what you envision in lieu of worrying about surprises.

In house red seal carpenters

Our team is composed of certified carpenters. They are not just resplendent handyman.

The team

Transeptia works with the same trades as we are all used to collaborating efficaciously. Our trades have proven to us that they step up to the plate with a positive posture, always looking to provide the best accommodation. All of them are professional. We withal work very proximately with a few engineers and architect teams. Depending on the client style, we withal bring to the table the right designer to understand the client's vision.


Transeptia is passionate for art and design. We go the extra mile to engender great culminates. We relish working towards unique results with sundry designers and architect, and they relish working with us, as we heedfully listen and are very resourceful.

Transeptia is
the right company for you

We have a great structure in place but always look to see where we can improve to offer an honest and great experience to all our stakeholders. We have no bad references nor legal issues. We are financially stables and capable of offering a great after-delivery service. All our clients trust us with their homes.