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It is central for a builder to know the different types of architects to understand the expert skills available in practice. Training can have a significant impact on building success.
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Firstly, the architect could be a person or a company that plans, designs buildings, and supervises their constructions. The requirements and conditions of professional architects are diversified nowadays. To be an expert architect in Pakistan, they must get professional training and tests. They need to earn a licence through their practice and implementation. Architects employed drawings in developed and advanced countries to illustrate the design proposals. At the same time, conceptual sketches are still generally used by architects. We are the best architects in Lahore and architectural designs may include photos, collages, prints, 3D technology, and other media in design production.

Conservation Architects

Conservation architects are professionals who work exclusively in advising on preserving and restoring these historic and listed properties. They frequently work with listed buildings such as museums, castles, palaces, church buildings, and even residential properties of historic interest. An in-depth understanding of historical architecture will help them beneficially preserve the beauty. Meanwhile, the craftsmanship of historical buildings ensures that the building’s residents can enjoy the expandability expected in modern life. Therefore, involved in the renovation or extension of listed buildings.

Commercial architects of Pakistan

A commercial architect is a type of architect who works exclusively in designing construction projects. Moreover, to retail stores, office towers, hotels, museums, hospitals, public buildings, government centres, and other non-residential buildings. These architects are professionals in building designs that are functional and practical for many buildings. We are the best construction companies in Pakistan and construction companies in Lahore. Moreover, users also want to be catchy and memorable or even inspiring places to regulate safety rules and the finances associated with construction.

Residential architectural designs

Designing an attractive home is likely considered an elementary architectural task. It’s becoming more usual due to the practicality and affordability they offer homeowners. Likewise, many people may not view residential architecture as an unexpected speciality. When planning a custom home for a single client, a residential architect must have the creative and imaginative skills to make their dream home functional and on budget. Housing architects must also be familiar with and transform local building codes and neighbourhood restrictions..

Sustainable & green design

Buildings, either private or non-residential, continue to be a vital contributor to greenhouse gas emissions around the world. More and more people are realizing and understanding how buildings have a negative impact on the environment, which is why there is more and more demand for feasible architecture. These architects must be able to handle innovative building features and be full of ideas to integrate these innovations into a visually attractive and captivated, and functional space. They also work closely with the construction industry supply chain to assure that the building uses locally skilled and unskilled labour and locally manufactured materials and components where feasible and possible.

Industrial Architects

Industrial architects bring their know-how to the design of spaces in which functional requirements have the highest priority and demand. The buildings typically designed by industrial architects include warehouses, factories, warehouses, sales and logistics systems, production and processing systems, energy systems, transport hubs, terminals, and much more. An industrial architect can translate and integrate the several processes, machines, devices, and other requirements of a distinct industry into a functional building design. The focal goal of industrial architects is to create a space that will help streamline a company’s operations while providing flexible space for its users.

Landscape Architects

Landscape architects are specialists in designing and developing outdoor spaces such as public and private gardens, lawns, parks, squares, orchards, and sidewalks. They are also intricate in designing projects such as golf courses, resorts, and other recreational/outdoor spaces. These architects have a background in horticulture and cultivation because they affect what types of trees, plants, flowers, and other vegetables to place in particular spaces. Many landscape architects work with worthwhile architects to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces flawlessly.


Architects who are experts in town planning are involved in town planning and focus on designing an area as a whole as a substitute for individual buildings. To improve an existing city or to create an entirely new part of the city – urban planners decide where particular facilities required by the community should be located. They determine where a city's residential buildings, commercial buildings, farm buildings, road networks, bridges, and other infrastructure will be built.

Interior Architects

Interior designers should not be confused and demanded by interior designers. While the two roles seem to serve the exact cause, interior designers are licensed and accredited architects who focal point on the art and science of interior design. The room's decoration also takes care of the structural elements as this design will take shape. In addition to their particular skills in interior design, they also have a technical understanding of construction methods. We are the best construction companies in Pakistan and interior design company in Lahore, so interior designers come into play here, who not only take care of the style and furnishings but are also responsible and supervise for turning a black room into a livable and comfortable environment.

Architectural Design Services in Pakistan

Modern House Design

You may be looking for architectural design services in Lahore, Pakistan, for your residential or commercial projects. Transeptia Construction, Interior & Architect is an architect company in Pakistan that provides the best services to their clients with complete satisfaction. Our architects can give you the most distinctive designs. There are so many modern and intelligent aspects of architectural designs that we can provide in Lahore, Pakistan. Our architecture design services in Lahore, Pakistan, take special care that the architectural plans should need and demand. Our commitment to the customers with our architecture design services in Lahore, Pakistan, regarding the high quality of designs. Architectural design is a direction that focuses on meeting and satisfying needs and requirements by using definite tools. The creativity to create living spaces for economic tasks is a part of architectural designs. It also amalgamates design, understood as a creative process, and architecture, which is based on the creation and presentation of solutions on a technical level; By mixing both disciplines, the architectural design checks the values and formal qualities of the works through conceptual experiences we usually associate it with drawings, sketches or schematics of a project. In this respect, it is one of its primary foundations. In architectural design, factors also intervene that relate to geometry, space, or aesthetics, among other things. Architectural design services in Lahore and thus the architectural design comprises various elements and processes or phases.