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Architect & Structural Design

Architecture design meaning is a discipline that focuses on covering and meeting the needs and requirements, to create living spaces, using certain tools and mainly, creativity. Thus, the aim is to combine the technological and the aesthetic, despite the general belief that architecture is only a technological task.

The architecture design pattern captures the design structures of various systems and elements of software so that they can be reused. During the process of writing software code, developers encounter similar problems multiple times within a project, within the company, and within their careers.

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Certainly, architecture is made up of a large number of particular disciplines. In general, the basis of the architectural design building is to know what the use of the space is, but the aesthetic aspects also intervene. This means that it is not easy to typify architectural design, in just some categories as this could be immense: we can classify architectural design according to its use, integrate to its intention, its aesthetics, its technical aspects.

The architectural design examples could also be infinite for the same reason, adding the fact that trends change a lot, reacting to many other factors. In this case, we can talk about some trends in modern architecture and design that have determined many architects or designers when creating their projects. By seeing design as a conceptual representation, we can see that it is deliberate in some elements.

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Structural designing and Architecture are two different sciences that are interrelated. Structural Designing deals with the study of the design of steel in a structure, i.e., the internal skeleton of the system that helps keep the structure durable, sound and stiff. Whereas Architectural Designing deals with the design of spaces meant for a particular function. It helps to create an ambient environment that is pleasing to the eye. The Architecture design in Lahore the building keeps all the functional aspects in mind that are to be incorporated into the design. Then they are performed by a Civil or Structural Engineer.

Architectural Design Styles:

The Architecture design styles are as follows:

  • Modern Architecture
  • Victorian Architecture
  • Greek and Roman Classical Architecture
  • Gothic Architecture
  • Baroque
  • Neoclassical Architecture
  • Post-Modern Architecture
  • Neofuturist Architecture

The structures and structural members are designed to meet the functional and structural details. Both aspects are interrelated. The practical element considers the purpose for which the building or the structure is designed. The active feature includes determining the amount and arrangement of space necessary for the structure.

A good design can perform satisfactorily the services for which it is designed. The functional aspect includes determining the location and arrangement of operating utilities, special equipment, machinery, or other features, incident to properly functioning the structures.

Why Architectural design important?

Building Architect design is an essential phase of every project because it focuses heavily on the functionality and aesthetics of your project. Every design detail will make a difference in the day-to-day lives of those utilizing the space. Regarding functionality, we know you want the most efficient, effective, and seamless space possible. About Transeptia Construction, Interior & Architect, we know you want the space to meet your vision and create the most appropriate environment to fulfil its purpose.

Architect design for home construction at Transeptia Construction, Interior & Architect will work with you every step of the way on your design project. Contact us to discuss creating the perfect design that works for you on each level.

Importance of Structural System

There can be different structural designing systems like framed structure, load-bearing structure, etc. In the bound form, it can be either steel-framed, RCC framed, wooden framed, etc. The structure comprises various structural components (foundation, wall, beam, column, slab, etc.). These structural designing components are made from materials (RCC, wood, brick, steel, or other material, etc.). So, the design process starts with selecting material and technology, and of course, the structural system, which is core and most important.


If you are looking for professional landscapers in my area then stop searching. Transeptia Construction, Interior & Architect is well-kennedy in the landscape Architect world, compliant and accommodating not just residential & commercial. But, our hospitality division is expeditiously making a designation for itself through our work with world-class vineyards, wineries, and restaurants. We additionally focus on engendering outside tasting experiences that are unique and unparalleled. We design each garden and your backyard design to be an expression of the homeowner’s lifestyle, the home’s Architect, and complements its interior design.

Our goal is to make all of these resultant elements flow together seamlessly with our unique Transeptia Construction, Interior & Architect contemporary twist. We have long been perceived as leading firms, working with clients that have (and deserve to have) very high prospects. It is our goal to celebrate out-of-the-box for our clients.

Landscape Architecture is a profession or specialty that is unknown or misunderstood as gardening by many. Its value to society is greater than many can imagine and should be celebrated by the population of every city, town, and country. Landscaping services in Lahore are involved in the conceptual design of spaces that “creates and enables life between the buildings”. The involvement of landscape architects can be seen in streets, roads, shared paths, housing estates, apartment compounds, shopping malls, squares, plazas, schools, universities, transport networks, gardens, pocket parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, memorials, museums, regional parks, national parks, forests, waterways and across towns, cities, and countries. Landscape architects in Lahore often go beyond site design and also create masterplans, frameworks, and policies for place and city-shaping that enable citizens and government to create better places for all.

Many landscape architects in Pakistan from the past, current, (and future) have designed everlasting landscapes that will stand the test of time for decades to come that create calm, joy, and inspiration for so many. As a profession,landscaping in Lahore should be proud as few professions can stake claim and demand to create places that impact and benefit so many people.

The Designing Process of Landscape:

For Landscaping design, the five steps of the design process include:

  1. conducting a site inventory, test, and analysis
  2. determining your needs
  3. creating functional diagrams
  4. developing conceptual design plans
  5. drawing a final design plan

The first three steps of garden landscaping are to build the aesthetic, functional, and horticultural needs and requirements for the design. The last two steps then apply those demands to the creation of the final landscape plan.

The process of Modern landscaping or modern garden design begins with a site inventory and analysis of soil, drainage, climate conditions, and existing vegetation. This is a critical and censorious step for both plant selection and placement and locating family functions and activities. It's essential because the same climate conditions that affect the plants—temperature, humidity, rain, wind, and sunlight—also affect you, the user. The next step for Landscaper is to make a list of your needs, demands, and desires—this helps you regulate and determine how your yard and landscape will be used.

The user analysis about landscaping services will also help you establish a theme for the form and style of your design. The functional diagram is then used to locate the activity spaces on the site and from this diagram a real plan is developed. The last step for Landscaping is a final design that includes all the hardships and planting attributes that are essential for installation. All over the home garden design or backyard landscaping process, there are ten main things to examine:

  1. Acknowledge your site for plant selection and activity location
  2. Remember the user by considering what you desire and need
  3. Use a form and/or style theme to help determine shapes and arrange spaces
  4. Create and link spaces by designating activity areas and linking them with elements
  5. Examine the function of plants for both the environment and the user
  6. Structure the plantings by using accumulate and layering techniques
  7. Highlight main points such as transition areas and important points
  8. Concentrate to detail in the materials, the colours, and the surface textures
  9. Take time into account for the extension and maintenance of plants
  10. Protect your resources by using feasible design practices

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