Kitchen Colour Trends | Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets design Ideas

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Predictions for kitchen colour are on trend in 2022; people look for dreamy, comforting, and natural colour palettes in their cooking haven. Yes! As 2022 becomes a year of sustainability, intended and conscious designs, you will see a lot of soul-soothing tones for Kitchen interiors in our blog. According to our Kitchen interior modern design insights, wellness will be a driving part of home interiors. Colours that exhibit natural, worthwhile, and sustainable setups will be dominant. We will also see a lot of vibrant shades, distinctly in backsplash designs. And this goes for kitchen design as well.

Colours have always been a source of setting the complexion and quality of our interiors. Hence, this year, we will use colours that align with the year’s overall design trends & tendencies. While the white kitchen trend will remain important and fundamental because of its simplicity, we bring you some out-of-the-box kitchen colour trends. And you can also search us on Google with Kitchen interior near me.

1. Olive Green Is One Of The Trendy Kitchen Colour Trends In 2022

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Since 2022 is a year of ease and naturalness, green will certainly rule the trending kitchen paint colours. Although, olive green will be a top favorite shade out of the different green colours. The colour’s subtle tone is attractive and exquisitely soothing. Apart From that, it is also a very urban colour tone. Therefore, you can add olive green to your kitchen cabinets, walls, and lighting and add a splash of a natural feel to your cooking setup.

2. Pink Terracotta Is certainly A Yes For Kitchen Colour Trends 2022

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Terracotta pink can be the best yet perfect choice when you think of earthy and natural colors. It is an earthy yet modern tone. Secondly, it adds a natural feel to the interiors. Thus couple it up with white and wooden colours to create a modern and unique kitchen design. You can also add biophilic elements to give the pink terracotta interiors an exciting and inspiring twist.

3. Navy Blue Is An Amazing Choice From The Trending Cabinet Colours

Blues are turning out to be an amazing colour for kitchen interiors. Even though we love every shade of blue, you can try out the deeper shades for your kitchen. Amongst others, navy blue will be one of the most unique, popular, and trending cabinet colours this year. It is fabulous appealing and dependable for many different design themes. You can go with a contemporary, modern, traditional, and vintage theme with navy blue. In addition, the colour looks splendid and superb with metallic accents and wooden flooring, which will be trending in 2022.

4.Earthy Brown Is The Hottest Kitchen Colour Trends 2022

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As the colour trends for Kitchen interior design in Lahore are all about organic, earthy brown can be a great kitchen colour for the year. You can use plain brown cabinets or wall paints to utilize the colour in your kitchen interiors. Or, as shown, you can go for a textured, earthy brown design. The colour will abruptly add a raw appeal to the kitchen design, letting you feel connected to nature while staying in.

5. A Pop Of Yellow Is Always A Good Idea For Kitchens Trends in 2022

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It's agreed that the vibrant colours and pops of vibrant colours will continue to trend in 2022. If you think the other kitchen colour in trend 2022 are too subtle and delicate for you, add a pinch of vibrant shade to your kitchen. So you can use a lively colour as a modulation element in your interiors. For instance, a pop of yellow in a turquoise kitchen can look astonishing and unique. Rather than the cabinets, you can also use the yellow pop in your backsplash. See it for yourself.

6.Get An Upbeat Design With Yellow And Orange Kitchen Colour Trends 2022
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Also, you can go for all bright with a mix of yellow and orange colours. Such a colour combination displays a lively element and ambiance to cook, chill and spend some family time. But don’t forget to use the colours wisely; if not, the kitchen may be too loud and overwhelming. A tip would be to use the lighter shades of the two colours and comparability it with some white in between.

7. A Very Peri Kitchen Colour Will Trend Too in 2022
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Since Pantone announced its Colour Of The Year 2022: Very Peri, the colour has become a hot favorite yet beloved by designers. Thus in the list of Kitchen interior designs in Pakistan, Very Peri will certainly have a spot. Use it on your kitchen walls or wallpapers to create a positive and attractive interior setup. You can also use Very Peri as the colour for your cabinets, as colourful cabinets are tending and trending this year.

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

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As a hot design trend in 2022, two-tone kitchen cabinet doors ooze a sense of style and uniqueness into your kitchen. They’re also well within your budget and create an exceptional and remarkable visual interest in the space. Kitchen cabinets have essentially and traditionally donned the single-color look. Although, the changing times have led to the adoption two-tone kitchen cabinets in many Pakistani homes. As the name implies, two-tone kitchen cabinets are innovative and creatively combine two different colours on their exterior surface.

This combination can be achieved by painting half the cabinets in one colour and the other in a contrasting colour or staining them with a mix of both hues. Some homeowners even pair painted cabinets with finished wood cabinets to complete the two-tone beautiful and unique look on a comparatively cheaper budget.

Benefits Of Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets Trends in 2022

They are versatile yet adaptable as they can quickly adapt to any style/theme of your house, be it traditional, attractive, or modern, and give it more personality and character. They make a small kitchen look visually immense, larger, and brighter. The lighter colour on the top cabinets and a darker colour on the bottom cabinets will draw your eye to the more bright shade owing to natural sunlight falling on them.

They help solve the design dilemma of homeowners wanting to install two distinct finishes (light and dark) on their kitchen cabinets. Light colours can make the kitchen look attractive, spacious, and pleasant, while dark colours can be used to make it look bold, grounded, cultivated, and sophisticated.

Tips You Can Use To Seamlessly Incorporate Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets In Your Home - Trends 2022
  • Use the color-blocking technique to make your kitchen cabinets look unique, attractive, and appealing. You can go for a symmetrical design by color-blocking a whole set of cabinets in one colour or an asymmetrical design by painting random cabinets in one colour.
  • Always paint the bottom cabinets in a darker colour and the upper cabinets in a lighter shade to lessen the visual heaviness of the space. Assure that the colours you use contrast well with each other but don’t look overwhelming. Specifically, strive for a perfect balance between the two.
  • Create a striking key element in your kitchen area first, then choose the perfect colours for your two-tone kitchen cabinet doors. This helps you create a perfect design element that links them together.
  • Who says you can create contrast only with kitchen cabinet colours, and trends in 2022? Kitchen flooring can also play a vital part. Darker flooring provides a perfect contrast to lighter cabinetry and vice versa. Use the colour wheel as a recommendation if you’re in doubt.
  • You can also conspicuously balance out the two-tone look of your kitchen cabinets by introducing white as the third inflection colour. It is a neutral shade that allows you a resting place for your eyes in between many coloured kitchen cabinets.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets In A Two-Tone Finish According to Trends 2022?

  • Step 1: Remove all the kitchen drawers and cabinets by unscrewing the hinges from the cabinet doors.
  • Step 2: Label each kitchen cabinet and drawer with a symbol/number so that you know what goes where when the paint job is over, and you have to put everything back in its place.
  • Step 3: Sand down both the cabinets and drawers lightly so that the surface becomes a little harsh and rough, and it is simple and more accessible for the paint to stick to. Wipe off the other dust after the sanding process.
  • Step 4: Repair any existing dents in the kitchen cabinets and drawers with a bonding primer and let it dry.
  • Step 5: Assure the primary protection of your work area by taping off walls, covering the floor and ceiling, and so on.
  • Step 6: Apply a base coat of paint with a high-quality paintbrush on all the exterior surfaces except the front center panel of the cabinets. Tape around the center panels so that the two kitchen cabinet colours are prohibited and prevented from running together.
  • Step 7: Give it enough time to dry, and then go ahead and apply a second coat of paint if required. Later on, when the second coat of paint, carefully remove the painter’s tape.
  • Step 8: Glaze the cabinets with the required finish after painting. Glazing gives your kitchen cabinets a somewhat protective layer and also adds depth.
  • Step 9: Install all the hardware back in the drawers and cabinets after all the glazing is over, and put everything back in its original place.