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It is very rare to meet someone who feels that their home is a perfect size. Often they will have a long list of gripes about it. There are too few bedrooms; the kitchen isn’t big enough to swing a smallish cat; or the children don’t have the space they need to run around inside when it rains, for example. And yet, for all these complaints relating to size, in our experience it is the aesthetics of the home that will often tip the balance from ‘house love’ to ‘house hate.’ While we can usually accommodate the practically imperfect, we are far harder on those spaces that give that overwhelming yet intangible feeling of gloomy depression just by looking at them. The architectural personality of a room has a powerful but often unremarked influence on one’s state of mind. Our eye might get snagged on the fripperies - the colours, the details, and the furniture - but ultimately, if the room feels wrong, we all feel wrong. Yet admitting that a room is fundamentally the wrong shape sounds terminal; surely the space is a write-off without full-scale architectural remodeling? Not so, just as clever dressing can distract the eye from a long list of bodily imperfections, so interior decoration has some wonderfully clever tricks up its wizard’s sleeve, the makeover.

Cutting Corners

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Luckily for us decorators, the human eye has a very turbulent relationship with the brain, which (bless it) is prone to making mistakes when assessing space. From experience, the brain knows that to get a handle on the space, it needs to know where the corners are, so it sends a message to the eye to find the darkish, upright lines it has come to trust as the visual signposts to the perimeter. If the eye cannot find these signposts, the brain sloppily assumes the room is bigger. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the most important thing you need to remember! So, given that your room is likely to come complete with concerns (and that you are unlikely to be able to remove them), what is to be done? The best way to make those corners disappear is by making an eye-catching fuss of the space between them. The magpie brain cannot help but be captivated by this, trapped in the middle and blithely uninterested in the edges. These most simple and effective decorating tricks do not just apply to walls - floor space can also be made to feel more generous by painting the skirting the same color as the floor. At the same time, the installation of an eye-catching statement chandelier will transform your ceiling into an immense tundra of uninhabited space.

Using Stripes to Stretch a Space

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It may or may not surprise you to learn that the 'vertical lines elongate, horizontal lines broaden' rule that we all apply to ourselves when dressing relates to our rooms' proportions. The key to making short, dumpy rooms feel tall and willowy is to sprinkle verticals such as full-length curtains, long thin panels, or even graciously leggy standard lamps. These vertical lines help stretch the room's proportions vertically; their sheer member also catches the eye and makes those annoying corners even more difficult to spot. Likewise, when used cleverly in a room, broad horizontal emphasis can make a space appear twice its width.

Creating A Lighting Scheme

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While having light where you need it is extremely important, working out where that lightning should go is always easier on paper. Drawing up a lighting scheme is a great opportunity to explore the different lighting possibilities. The added result is that an electrician can also use a neat, finalized plan (if it results in the need for rewiring) as a guide. Remember that, for large rooms and open-plan spaces, it’s very important that a lightning scheme considers the whole area. There is no point in planning the lighting for the dining area of a modern living room ideas in Lahore without considering the impact that this will have on the rest of the space, as it will just end up an incoherent mess. Though it can be expensive, rewiring a room will mean that the power sources for your lightning will be exactly where they are needed. The result is more aesthetically pleasing and safer - as you won’t need miles of ugly, dangerous trailing cable to plug your light into the nearest wall sockets - it can also make life far more convenient. If I am having a room rewired, I will often opt for a 5 amp circuit, which means that tall lamps on 5 amp circuits can be switched on or off from one point. So, no more jumping up and down to switch each lamp off or on individually and no need to get out of bed to turn off all the lights in a room. What could be better?

Room Layout

Getting the layout of a room right is a careful balance between practicality and aesthetics. I like a room to be both sensational and convenient, which means that everything has a preordained place where it works best.

Living Rooms

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L-shaped works best these days so many of our living rooms convene around the television. Often the principal visual axis runs straight from the most comfortable sofa to the TV screen, which can be difficult in rooms originally built around the warm amber glow of the fireplace. Modern solutions involving major architectural intrusion are well and good. Still, the simplest solution is to create an L-shaped seating arrangement - with one sofa favoring the fireplace and another favoring the television.


Don’t be a wallflower There’s always space for a little creativity in bedroom design service in Lahore layouts, so don’t feel tied to the walls. If there’s room, putting the bed in the middle of the space can look very grand. Make sure there is a headboard so that the pillows don’t keep falling off the end, and consider a piece of furniture like a console table or desk at the foot of the bed to finish the whole thing off. Transeptia Construction, Interior & Architect is the best company for bedroom wall design in Lahore.


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Put the home into home kitchen An unloved haven for the cook to slave away in a hundred years ago, these days, the kitchen is an incredibly important room that must be the kind of space in which we can live and cook. I love kitchens that feel integrated into the rest of the home - with lamps on the work surfaces for gentle mood lighting and pictures and wallpaper on the walls. If possible, we also try to avoid wall-hung cupboards, which always feel heavy and create a claustrophobic effect. You’ve got to keep them tidy, but using open shelves in place of wall-hung cupboards dramatically increases the feeling of space and light within a room. Transeptia is the leading company for kitchen interior design service in Lahore.